Midweek Eastside Evening Training Series (MEETS): Steady to Strenuous

If you are new, please read our newcomer information.

Date and Time: 
Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - 6:00pm
Start Location: 
Element Cycles
8215 160th Avenue Northeast
Redmond, WA 98052
Contact Information: 
Melanie Kelsey
(206) 419-3209
25.00 miles
Elevation Gain: 
1,500 feet
Weather Cancels?: 
Ride Description: 

We will meet at Element Cycles in Redmond. There is ample parking in their lot and the lot adjacent. Or better yet, ride to the start!

Midweek Eastside Evening Training Series: The MEETS rides will be held every Wednesday evening beginning April 4th through September 26th. These will be training routes that incorporate local hills, are between 20-30 miles, and will progress from ~ 1,000 to 2,000 feet of elevation gain. There will be five paces offered for riders – Steady (12-14 mph on flats); Moderate (14-16 mph on flats); Brisk (16-18 mph on flats); Vigorous (18-20 mph on the flats); and Strenuous (20+ mph on the flats) which will all use a common base route each week.

Mechanicals/Pace: Riders must be able to sustain the appropriate pace for their selected group; know how to read a cue sheet or make it home should they become separated from the group; know how to change a flat (and have the requisite equipment; groups will not stop for mechanical issues); and have a positive attitude! Because this is a training series with multiple paces, we will regroup at the tops of hills (no longer than approximately 3 minutes), and riders who are unable to keep up will need to drop back a pace.

Registration: Registration on the Cascade site is free and greatly helps the sign in process at the start for the ride leaders. You may pre-sign the waiver on by clicking on the "Register" button under the ride title, checking the Waiver Signature box, and saving registration. If you cannot make the ride there is no need to unregister. Registering requires a Cascade account. Please register by 3 pm the day of the ride if at all possible as that is when waivers will be printed for ride start.  We also encourage you to RSVP on Meetup so you can join any conversation and see photos.

New Riders: New riders are always welcome as long as you are able to sustain the rigors of the series. If you are brand new, this may not be the right ride for you.  Please see the new rider information on the Cascade website for additional general information. 

Kids: This is a rigorous training series and it may not be appropriate for your child. Please contact the Series Director 48 hours in advance for approval and you must adhere to the stated Cascade policy 

Plan to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start time to hear the route briefing, safety notes, and sign the waiver form (or check off your name) for an on-time departure.

You will NOT be allowed to ride if you do not show up in time to hear the safety briefing. 

A WORKING HEAD AND TAIL LIGHT ARE REQUIRED.  If roads are wet or rain is likely, fenders with long mudflaps are a safety item and are strongly recommended.

Route: RWGPS routes will be posted both on Cascade and MEETUP by Tuesday evening before the ride.

Cue Sheets: Please print a cue sheet if you need one.

Rest stops: There will be no planned rest stops as these are short rides; however there are restrooms at the start. 

Showers Cancel: Steady rain or otherwise unsafe riding conditions (including air quality) will cancel. In the event that conditions are as described for cancellation, ride leaders will not be at the ride start. Ride cancellation will be posted in the Comments section in both the Cascade and Meetup postings for this date at least two hours prior to the ride start. Series Director will be available by phone should you have questions.

Ride Leader Mentoring opportunities are available: Email the Series Director (Melanie Kelsey) to inquire: makelsey@comcast.net.


The links on this page do not seem to work for me.  Is there any reason why we do not have the links prior to Tuesday.  Perhaps I am missing something here.


They are never posted until after Monday in case there are changes from any pre-riding. But they have been posted for the ride leaders in the FB group since last week.

Just this morning, a cyclist ran a red light at my corner at a high rate of speed, down hill and no hemet. Had I not paused, he would have careened into me and both of us would more than likely been hurt. Until they start obeying traffic regulations.

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