Construction alert: Getting to Swap this Sunday

Anybody else super excited for the Seattle Bike Swap? Yup! I knew it wasn’t just me. As always, this year’s Swap will be a great chance to get unparalleled bargains on all things bicycle-related and to meet fellow bicycle-lovers. The best deals go fast, so remember to get there early.

There is just one small hiccup we wanted to mention, and it has to do with getting to Swap. As you know, Swap is held at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall on the north end of Seattle Center. From early Saturday morning to Monday morning, road crews will be doing major work in the area of 5th Ave and Mercer St., not far from Swap.

Unless you’re traveling by jet-pack, these closures will likely affect you. Luckily, SDOT has put together a handy guide so bicyclists and pedestrians can re-route. 

Mercer Street between 5th Ave. N and 9th Ave. N will be closed, as well as southbound 5th Ave. N between Roy and Mercer streets. As part of the Mercer Corridor Project, crews will be demolishing old footings of SR-99.

You’ll still be able to get to Swap and have an amazing time, but you may have to re-route a bit. There will be detours posted and traffic, so be sure to leave a few minutes early.

See you at Swap!