Nominate your Ride Leader of the Year

The year is coming to an end, which means it’s time to submit your nominations for Cascade Bicycle Club’s 2012 Ride Leader of the Year!

Ride Leader Jan Johnson and the Friday Riders.

Cascade offers over 1,400 free daily rides a year, led by an incredible team of 200 volunteer ride leaders. Some of these leaders go the extra mile and deserve special recognition.

Since 2005,  the Rides Committee has recognized Ride Leader of the Year recipients at Cascade’s annual Volunteer Recognition Party for their extraordinary contributions to our Rides Program. Over the years, our honorees have included Per and Shana Sunde, Norm Tjaden, Mike Kelly, Gary Strauss, Scott Kralik, Craig Mohn and Francis Gan.

If you are a riding member and know a ride leader you believe deserves this recognition, we want to hear from you!

For each nominee,  the Rides Committee will consider the number of rides led, if s/he answered the call when leaders or sweeps were needed, whether s/he assisted with CTS, and if the waiver forms were  turned in on time (yes, these are important), as well as other factors.

All nominations are confidential, and Rides Committee members are ineligible for this award. All nominees must have demonstrated their outstanding performance for more than two years.

Nominations can be made by email to [email protected] or by card/letter to Scott Boggs, Rides Chair, Cascade Bicycle Club Office,  7400 Sand Point Way NE Ste 101S, Seattle WA 98115. This is a significant honor, so please give it some thought and get back to us no later than Nov. 16.