Seattle Pacific University to Kingston, Hansville and Poulsbo, with Ice Cream


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Date and Time: 
Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 8:45am
Start Location: 
Seattle Pacific Univ, West Ewing Mini Park
170 W Ewing St
Seattle, WA 98119
Contact Information: 
Paul Soreff
83.00 miles
Elevation Gain: 
5,400 feet
Weather Cancellation: 
Ride Description: 

Join me at the West Ewing Mini-park (at the beginning of 3rd Ave. West, on the Seattle Pacific Univ. Campus, ) for a 83 mile ride that follows the Bike Club's fall "Kitsap Color Classic" route, with a ferry ride ($9.05 - $4.50 for those over 65) and, of course, an ice cream stop. The ferry ride can be quite cool, so bringing a light jacket is always a good idea, especially with social distancing practices encouraging everyone to stay with their bikes. Lets meet 15 minutes ahead of the start time (i.e. 8:30 am)so we can go over the safety briefings (and make sure not to miss the 10:20 Edmonds Ferry about 16 miles down the road). 

Please note: During COVID-19 Phases 1.5 and 2, all Free Group Rides are limited to six total participants: the Ride Leader and five others. Registration for the ride (using the red “Register Now” button above) is REQUIRED to participate. If you decide not to ride, please unregister for this ride so that an additional spot will be made available to another.

Face coverings (for mouth and nose) are required when the group makes extended stops. Face coverings are recommended for the duration of the ride. Please bring personal hand sanitizer,  disinfecting wipes and tissues for use at rest stops.

The Route:  The route starts at SPU along the Ship Canal trail and then crosses the canal into Fremont. We will take Stone Way up to Greenlake, where we head back to Fremont Ave and then hook up with the Interurban trail. We get to enjoy Innis Arden Way for a great downhill and then enjoy the views of the water as we head into Edmonds. 

In Edmonds we will be able to use the bathrooms at the Ferry Terminal and hopefully have time to get a quick coffee and donut at Top Pot before our 30 minute ferry ride. The ferry leaves at 10:20 so we have to watch our time in Edmonds.

Once across the sound we begin a beautiful 58 mile tour of the Kitsap peninsula. The route has over 5,000' of climbing with many short climbs, one or two of which may be walk your bike steep! I have posted two optional food/water/bathroom stops along the route and a "required" stop at the delicious Mora's Ice Creamery. After our well deserved ice cream reward, we will get on the ferry for the return to Edmonds. The return ferry options sail from Kingston for Edmonds at 3:10, 4:00 and 4:40. I hope to at least make the 4:00 sailing. 

Now that everyone has enjoyed the ferry ride back and totally cooled down, we have a little climb out of Edmonds as we return. On the way back we will ride a little further West than our ride into Edmonds, taking 3rd Avenue down to Fremont where we pick up the Burke and then cross the canal to get to the Ship Canal trail on the other side and head back to the start.

NOTE: The ferry crossing are about 6 miles and are not included in the metrics for the GPS route BUT they are included in the RWGPS cue sheets mileage calculations. I have listed stops at the mileage from cue sheet and then subtracted the mileage to Edmonds (-15) and the mileage of the crossing (-6) to show the mileage we bike from the ferry.

Remember to turn off your devices when getting on the ferry unless you want the ferry rides included in your metrics. (And remember to turn them back on when you get off the ferry !)

NOTE - We will be following COVID-19 social distancing practices, and I will ask all riders to stay at least 10-12' apart when riding and at least 6' apart when stopped. Since I am in the high risk category (due to age) I will ask all riders to stay behind me throughout the ride and will encourage you to wear your mask. We will climb and descend hills at our own pace, and our goal will be to stay together and regroup as necessary at the top and bottom of all hills. Since I am a slower climber, I will ask anyone who is faster to go ahead at the beginning of the hill and wait at the top.

Start Time:  Let's meet at the West Ewing park 15 minutes before the published start time (i.e 8:30 am) for our pre-ride safety briefing, with a departure at 8:45 am on the dot !  We will go over hand signals and what we say during the ride to keep ourselves safe.  

Restrooms and water are NOT available at the start. There will be a restrooms available in Edmonds and on the ferry at about mile 15; there are two optional food, water and bathroom stops, the Port Gamble General Store at about mile 28 from the ferry (49 on the cue sheet) and in Poulsbo at about mile 39 from the ferry (60 on the cue sheet). Just before getting on the ferry at about mile 52 from the ferry (73 on the cue sheet) for the ride back, there is a great place for ice cream, Mora's Ice Creamery, with unique flavor combinations that are sure to please. Of course there are bathrooms and food option on the return ferry and the Edmonds ferry terminal. 

Fenders and tubes:  This is a long ride in rural areas, so be sure to bring a spare tube or two and tools to fix a flat, just in case. Please have full fenders. Even if it is not raining, when the roads are wet, rooster tails from bare tires are a safety issue for other riders.  Fenders with long mudflaps show that you care about others. Riders without friendly mudflaps may be asked to ride at the back of the group.

WEATHER:  If, between 8:00pm and 10:00 pm (depending when I can check it) the night before the ride, Weather Underground forecast predicts a greater than 30% chance of significant rain, the ride will be canceled. I will send everyone who has registered an email that night advising of the cancellation and post a ride-cancellation notice in the Comments section on this club page; and I will NOT be at the start. 

Also, if there are unexpected showers the morning of the ride, or if there are other unforeseen hazardous riding conditions, I will post a ride-canceled note in the Comments section below and email everyone who has registered at least two hours prior to the start and I will not be at the start location. 

I hope you can join me!


Hello everyone, I have emailed all rides who were registered for this ride as of 8:30 pm Friday with a slight route change.  Based on Ken's suggestions, I have added in 2 historic stops and changed 6 miles Here is the new route adding in 2 historic stops and changing 3 miles of the route to a quieter road (about mile 68-73 on new route - 66.5-69.5 on old route). Overall this adds 2 miles and 100' to the route. Here is a link to the route  

The writer makes a great and articulate point in this article and comparable to the Movie Jackets article. I really inspired and appreciate him.

Seattle Pacific Univ, West Ewing Mini Park
170 W Ewing St
Seattle, WA 98119
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