May 17 Celebration Station Map

Stop by a Celebration Station on Bike Everywhere Day

Friday, May 17, 2019 - an all-day celebration!

Check back for individual station listings on the map below once registration opens to the public.

Check back soon for the new 2019 map once registration begins for this year's event.  Registration is open now through May 10th, and will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.  If someone already has your desired location, don't be shy, team up!  

Also, we are particularly interested in expanding stations outside of the general Seattle Metro area, so if you're south of Tukwila, north of Edmonds, or east of the Cascades, please get in touch!  Once preparation for Bike Everywhere Month is fully under way, we can help you with ideas, an online Celebration Station toolkit, downloadable promotional materials, and we'll post your event on the map!


Host a celebration station at your workplace or in your neighborhood! 

To build a network of support and fun for the thousands of cyclists on Bike Everywhere Day, Cascade Bicycle Club and our local partners host dozens of celebration stations along major bike routes in the region. 

Stop by and:

  • Pick up a free souvenir.
  • Join Cascade Bicycle Club at our once-a-year discounted rate (Fremont Station only).
  • Ask a bike mechanic to look over your bike or air up your tires. 
  • Fuel up with snacks, coffee, or juice (varies from station to station).

Volunteer! Volunteers are the engine behind Bike Everywhere Day! To learn more, please contact or call (206) 522-3222.