City Council Getting the Basic Bike Network Back On Track

July 30 Update: Seattle City Council unanimously voted in support of the resolution that holds SDOT to an 18-month timeline to implement much of the Basic Bike Network by end of 2019! 

July 23 the community rallied behind a council resolution to build key segments of the Basic Bike Network by the end of 2019. Next stop is full council. 

Almost 100 caring neighbors from across Seattle packed council chambers this week to endorse a new roadmap for completing much of the Basic Bike Network by the end of 2019 –  creating a long-awaited protected bike network, non-stop through downtown.

The roadmap, in the form of a council resolution was introduced at a special meeting of the Council Sustainability and Transportation Committee. Council members in attendance voted unanimously in support, meaning the resolution now heads to full council on Monday July 30. The committee is clearly in lock step with the community, and recognize the need for the city to act with urgency to make biking downtown safer.

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Vicky Clarke