Are you 70 1/2 or older?

Consider giving part of your required retirement distribution this year to Cascade.

A letter from Jim Stanton, Cascade Board of Directors:

As a member of Cascade’s Board of Directors, it is very rewarding to be a part of Cascade’s mission of “Improving lives through bicycling.” Over the years, cycling has given me and my family a great deal of joy. And because of Cascade, more people than ever are experiencing bicycling on safer, better connected places, roads and trails.

If, like me, you have passed the grand old age of 70½ and are taking Required Minimum Distributions from your IRA or other retirement accounts, you might want to consider donating part of your RMD directly to Cascade. There can be tax advantages in doing so.

Your support will help Cascade get over 40,000 kids on bikes next year, teaching them bike etiquette and how to ride safely. It will help provide funding for the Major Taylor Project, which brings bicycling to kids in low-income and diverse communities in south Seattle and Tacoma. It will also help create trails that we’ll love to ride such as the Eastside Rail Corridor (from Snohomish to Renton by 2020!) and the East Lake Sammamish Trail, in addition to connected bike networks in city centers throughout Washington.

I encourage you to talk to your tax professional, as there may be tax advantages for you in giving your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) directly to a charity you support.

If you do decide to make a disbursement through your retirement account, most brokerages have made it pretty easy. If they need information about Cascade’s broker, it’s below. Of course, Tarrell Kullaway, Senior Director of Development, would be happy to answer your questions at 206.240.2235 or

Thank you for your consideration and help in making cycling better for everyone.

Jim Stanton

Cascade Board of Directors

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Tarrell R Kullaway