We heard you: More bikes for bike share

Take action today to ask SDOT to get more bike share bikes on Seattle streets before Labor Day!

Stationless bike share launched only last month, and it's already changing the way people in Seattle get around the city. But to unlock its full potential Seattle needs more bikes on the ground.

Since bike share launched, we’ve been gathering feedback from this survey on how bike share can continue to improve throughout the pilot process. So far, the overwhelming response has been to add more bikes! When there is greater density of bikes around the city it makes biking a more reliable option for getting around town.

Currently, Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has plans to add more bikes, but not until after Labor Day. That misses some of the best weather (and summer events) of the year. Because of that, Cascade is encouraging SDOT to release more bikes in the next two weeks. 

If you can’t wait for more bikes to hit the streets of Seattle, take action today!


p.s. In case you need a reminder, here are a few Dos & Don’ts of stationless bike share!

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Kelli Refer