#TBT to the inaugural Emerald Bike Ride

Remember when we biked across the longest floating bridge in the world? Remember when we pedaled through downtown Seattle — completely carefree — knowing the route was car-free? Remember biking with your family, friends, neighbors and riding buddies?

We do! We took in the sunrise on the SR 520 Bridge: 

And we saw the Seattle skyline from a new angle:

​Yep, it was amazing. 

So do something unforgettable this Memorial Day weekend: Join us on the 2017 Emerald Bike Ride presented by Kaiser Permanente

And bring your friends and family, young and old, new and seasoned — this ride is for everyone. Just take it from Jenine Lillian. Jenine rode the 2016 Emerald Bike Ride, pushing herself to go further than she thought possible: 

"The [2016] Emerald Bike Ride was a big deal. Not just for the city of Seattle, the other 6,999 riders, the countless volunteers or curious on-lookers, but in my personal history it is listed as a big deal. 

When I was 20, I was injured in a car accident and walked with a cane for nearly a year. Relearning how to walk made biking seem ludicrous. Flash forward 23 years of constant pain and a whole lot of self-care, massage, acupuncture and determination: the Emerald City Bike Ride was the hardest, furthest and biggest bike experience of my life. I had to be there — was oh so proud to be there." 

The Emerald Bike Ride is filling up, but there are still spots to join this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on Sunday, May 28

This year's route gives registered locals and visitors alike the opportunity to bike on the SR 520 Bridge, I-5 Express Lanes — and new this year — the I-90 Express Lanes — all three closed to vehicle traffic! This means all-new-views of Seattle and the Eastside and a new route to explore Eastside neighborhoods.

With 25-mile and 11-mile route options, there's something for all ages and ambitions. Many families enjoyed Emerald Bike Ride in 2016, so bring the whole family!

If you've already registered, be sure to let us know you're coming on Facebook, and invite your friends