Meeting our neighbors

The team at Outdoors for All does an amazing job creating cycling (and skiing and hiking and kayaking) opportunities for all kinds of people. On Wednesday, they invited our staff to ride some of their bikes, and get a different experience on the road.

"My favorite part was learning about new kinds of bicycles and enjoying the sunshine with co-workers," said Stephanie Lachman, accounting clerk for Cascade Bicycle Club.

From a bicycle built for two to a hand cranked bicycle with coaster brakes to a fast, sleek recumbent handcycle, the 15 Cascade staff who participated thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. And we're not just saying that because they gave us popsicles ...

Outdoors for All's group of 38 wounded warriors and fundraising supporters completed STP last weekend, a rousing success for all concerned.

Outdoors for All were also instrumental in helping a Major Taylor participant get his own hand-cycle, which he rode for STP.

Thanks for being great neighbors and an inspiring organization!