Heads up! Detours around the Stillaguamish River Bridge

After 81 years of use, the southbound I-5 Stillaguamish River bridge deck needs to be replaced. During construction this summer, the roadway shoulders will temporarily be narrowed, and WSDOT will be unable to safely accommodate bicycles on I-5 between Standwood and Smokey Point.

To accommodate bicycles, WSDOT have created a detour along Pioneer Highway and 236th Street Northwest. Signs will be placed along the route to guide bicyclists.

WSDOT looked at several options for detouring bicycles, both east and west of I-5. The route west of I-5 was selected because it is the shortest route, and has less motorized vehicle traffic than the other routes.

"We understand that this will be an inconvenience to those traveling by bicycle. We are continuing to work with our contractor to complete the bridge work as quickly as possible so we can reopen all lanes and shoulders of I-5," WSDOT states.  

For questions or comments, please contact Dave Crisman, WSDOT Project Engineer, at 360-848-7100.