2014 Seattle Bicycle Expo Photo Contest Winners

This year’s photo contest was a huge success!

The photo contest area at the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal is spectacular due to the floor to ceiling windows looking out onto Puget Sound.

We had 109 excellent photos entered in the six categories and our judges this year –John Manuwal, Peggy Hanson and Tom Saknit – had their work cut out for them!

This was Kenmore Camera’s sixth year as the sponsor of the photo contest and they generously donated in-house gift cards for the top three finisher of each category.

This year’s winner are:

People’s Choice: Beth Hamilton

• Action: 
1. Mark Brumfield
2. Mark Brumfield
3. Susan Hiles
Honorable mention: Sam Ruljancich

• Comedy:
1. Thomas J Baker
2. Helen Weismeyer
3. Susan Hiles
Honorable mentions: Beth Hamilton, Carol Sheppard

• Still Life:
1. Carla Gramlich
2. Christy Strand
3. Carol Sheppard
Honorable mentions: Brends Bellamy, Tatyana Savchunk

• People & Places: 
1. Adam Dodge
2. Beth Hamilton
3. Tatyana Savchuk
Honorable mentions: Gary White, Helen Weismeyer

• Black & White: 
1. Adam Dodge
2. Tatyana Savchuk
3. Carla Gramlich
Honorable mentions: Carla Gramlich, Sam Ruljancich

• Creative Digital: 
1. Carla Gramlich
2. Carla Gramlich
3. Carol Sheppard
Honorable mentions: George Cvekovich, Susan Hiles

Congratulations to all winners, and thank you to everyone who entered prints for this year’s contest. We hope to see you again next year!

The People's Choice winning photo by Beth Hamilton