Bike Expo spotlight: Cleverhood

We’ve got an exciting line-up for this year’s Seattle Bicycle Expo, March 1 and 2. From thrilling bicycle acrobats to DIY-crafts to inspiring presenters, Expo has it all. Of course, it wouldn't be an expo without exhibitors. More than 200 exhibitors will set up booths at Smith Cove Cruise Terminal to show off new bikes, accessories, fitness plans, and travel opportunities at the 2014 Seattle Bike Expo. The terminal’s 135,000-square foot, two-floor space will buzz with local bike shops and nationally recognized manufacturers showing off their latest wares. Leading up to the Seattle Bike Expo, we will highlight some of these vendors here on the blog

Staying Dry in Style with Cleverhood

Seattle is a city famous for two things: innovation and rain. Quite fittingly, one of the vendors on-hand at this year’s Expo has captured Seattle’s forward-looking ambition in a bike-friendly new rain solution, the Cleverhood.

Cleverhood is a “rain cape” (think fashion-forward poncho) designed with urban bicyclists in mind. The waterproof material comes in reflective and stylish patterns for both fashion and function. Interior thumb loops keep the material in place when riding and detailing on the back of the hood allows a light to be mounted.

One of the great things about bicycling in the city is that it keeps riders connected with their neighborhoods. We take it slow, we notice the little changes, new store-fronts, architectural details that are so easy to miss going 35 in a car. That spirit of urban connectedness permeates Cleverhood’s design philosophy.  

 “[Bikes] means more open space, more interest in local shops, new expectations — and certainly a new sense of style and function,” says Cleverhood's website. “We think the Cleverhood offers a special way for people to get out and experience the rain, rather than just getting wet.”

Whether or not Cleverhood is your style, one thing is for sure: it's a serious head-turner.

For more information, check out Cleverhood's website or visit them at Expo in booth 341.