Current transportation package fails to provide affordable transportation options

If you're like me, you want to spend less time in traffic and more with your family and friends. Here in Washington, we need a transportation system that provides more choices, while preserving our existing system of streets, bridges, ferries, and buses. 

​​The state legislature is close to voting on a transportation package. Unfortunately, the current proposal does not provide adequate investments in walking, biking, and transit. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Ask your legislators to invest in walking, biking and transit today!

The current package fails to provide affordable transportation options or make it safer to walk, bike and drive. The proposed $12 billion package will spend less than two percent on transit, bicycle and pedestrian projects—projects that that we need.

This flawed proposal would also weaken state environmental laws that are completely unrelated to our transportation system. The Senate’s proposal diverts $280 million away from our toxic waste cleanup fund, eliminates protections for our shorelines, and forces Washington to adopt weaker federal protections instead of the stronger laws of the Evergreen State.

Contact your legislators today and tell them you want safe and affordable transportation alternatives.

Together we can support a transportation system that protects our environment and working families.

We are running out of time, but we can still pass a balanced transportation package that makes it safer and easier to walk, bike, and drive. One that restores and expands transit service while protecting our environment. Your legislators need to hear from you today.

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