Seattle City Council shows unanimous support for bike share

The Seattle City Council on Tuesday unanimously passed two pieces of legislation essential for creating a local bike share network.

Picture from the PSBS website

Ordinance C.B. 117847 approved bike share vending in public rights of way, while  resolution Res. 31468 granted Puget Sound Bike Share (PSBS) conceptual approval of their proposed bike sharing program.

“The support of the Seattle City Council is a key element to bike share’s success, and we’re grateful that they have embraced this new option for public transportation," said Holly Houser, executive director of Puget Sound Bike Share, in a statement. "We still have work to do, both in signing up corporate sponsors and ensuring that the local laws work for bike share, but we can move much faster with the broad support of our community.  Thanks to their backing, bike share continues to be on track for a spring 2014 launch.”

A term permit ordinance related to the PBSB’s program is expected to go to City Council in early 2014.

PSBS is on track to launch in Spring 2014 with 50 bike-share stations and 500 bikes .