Zach Lester becomes first person with Down Syndrome to bike across the country

This month, Zach Lester of Sonoma, Calif., became the first person with Down Syndrome to ride a bike across the United States.

Together with his dad and tandem-partner, Greg, Zach biked over 3500 miles from Everett, Wash. to Williamsburg, Va.- covering over 3500 miles in 32 days.

Greg proudly stated that Zach is a fantastic endurance rider, who never gets tired and is “happy at the end of every single day”.

Wanted to provide his son with opportunities, Greg enrolled Zach in a week-long bike camp. He did well and before long, Zach and Greg were doing  multi-day rides together.

"As a parents...we all want our kids to be happy and to succeed at what they’re doing," Greg said.


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Anne-Marije Rook