Chime in on the future of NE 75th Street

Mayor Mike McGinn and City Traffic Engineer Dongho Chang last week announced four proposals for improving road safety by restriping Northeast 75th Street near Nathan Eckstein Middle School.

The proposals were developed in partnership between the Seattle Department of Transportation and community residents in response to concerns raised after a tragic DUI-related collision on Northeast 75th Street in March.

“We’ve heard from residents that reducing speeds is a high priority on Northeast 75th Street,” said McGinn. “These proposals can help people slow down as they drive near Eckstein Middle School. We’ll work with the community to determine the best option for moving forward.”

Two of the four proposals suggest bike lanes

The four proposals include different features to reduce speeds and improve safety. The proposals are:

1. Restriping to have one travel lane in each direction and one peak travel lane/parking on either side of the street.

2.  One travel lane in each direction with all-day parking on both sides of the street.

3. One travel lane and one bike lane in each direction, and parking on the south side of the street.

4. One travel lane and one bike lane in each direction along with a center turn lane. Bike lanes on Northeast 75th Street are included in the City’s current Bicycle Master Plan.

Short-term improvements, such as changes to signs and pavement markings, will begin in August 2013 and additional larger scale civil improvements will follow after project design and construction.

SDOT wants to work with you, the community, to determine which proposal should be implemented.

SDOT will hold two public meetings this week to get feedback on the proposals. Please attend and chime in!

- 75th Street Public Meeting 1
Wednesday, July 24
7 to 9 p.m.
Wedgwood Presbyterian Church, 8008 35th Avenue Northeast.

- 75th Street Public Meeting 2
Thursday, July 25
1 to 3  p.m.
Messiah Lutheran Church, 7050 35th Avenue Northeast


Can’t make it to the meeting?

The Ravenna blog is running a poll to gather feedback on the reconfiguration options for NE 75th Street. Check it out and vote.