“a dinosaur riding a dinosaur”

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of his first Seattle to Portland Classic event, Paul Gibson showed up at the STP start line on Saturday, July 13, with this interesting ride.

By the looks of it, Gibson’s old mixte Schwinn was already a vintage when he rode his first STP in 1997.

Dressed up for the occasion as a dinosaur, 75-year-old Gibson explained, “I’m a dinosaur riding a dinosaur.”

Among the water bottles and food in his basket, we found a plastic container with leaves and a snail.

“It’s my pace setter!” Gibson stated.

Gibson was just one of the 10,000 people who used nothing but pedal power and the wind in their backs to travel 204 miles from Seattle to Portland, an impressive and inspiring accomplishment.  Each rider had their own unique story, and we collected some of them here.

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