Sponsor a Major Taylor kid on the STP

While you’re out on the road this year, watch for the signature orange and white jerseys worn by kids from the Major Taylor Project .

The Major Taylor Project, Cascade’s afterschool bicycling club for inner city kids in south Seattle, transforms and empowers underserved youth through bicycling, by promoting leadership, personal responsibility and positive physical and social development.

They overcome huge obstacles to get to the STP, and watching the 30+ kids cross the finish line will surely be a highlight of this year’s event.

For these kids, the STP is a powerful culmination of the Major Taylor Project experience. Throughout the school year, these remarkable cyclists have built their biking skills, fitness level, confidence and sense of fun. And you can help them take their accomplishments to the next level by completing the ride of their lives.

You can be a part of our kids’ STP dreams with your gift today.