My #errandonnee control card

A couple of weeks back, I posted about the Winter Errandonee Challenge my friend Sara told  me about.  A few Seattle folks jumped in and took up the challenge put forth by @gypsybug at Chasing Mailboxes.

My take-aways:

  • The twitter #errandonnee community introduced me to people around the country
  • If you're already car-free, you may be underwhelmed.
  • But if, like me, you're aiming for car-light, this was fun! I was reminded that there are plenty of car trips that I could replace with bike trips, and that doing so isn't too hard. The Erandonnee Challenge definitely influenced my decisions and nudged me to bike more and drive less.
  • I caught a couple of comments that bordered on snarky. While I pondered why people might dismiss something that was fun to me, MG summed it up beautifully:

How does the Errandonnee differ from everyday life? Why do errands have to become a contest?

The Errandonnee is not that different from everyday life. Groceries, doctor’s appointments, work. Most of us have to deal with these types of errands. Many of us may already do these things by bike. However, the Errandonnee is an opportunity to see these activities not just as stuff we have to do, but to appreciate all that we can do via bicycle.

Perhaps one could consider the Errandonnee a contest. I see it more like a game as opposed to a contest. Because of this game I’ve had the great pleasure to connect with other people who move around the city or wherever they live by bike, making this frequently faceless world a slightly smaller, friendlier place. We’ve even shared some internet laughs.

What she said.

I have ideas for similar bike errand events to host here in Seattle... stay tuned! Meanwhile, if you're interested, below is my control card with required photos. Here are posts from Seattle tweeps @familyride and @jessekelber. Anyone else? Please let me know, and I'll update the list.

Category 1: Bike Shop
Trip 1 destination: Gregg's Green Lake
What I observed: Women on Wheels is coming up.
Miles: 1, date: 2/17

Category 2: Breakfast or Lunch
Trip 1 destination: Metropolitan Market coffee bar
What I observed: Flowers on sale outside make for a nice picture
Miles: 3.5, date: 2/13

Category 2: Breakfast or Lunch
Trip 2 destination: Mighty O Donuts
What I observed: The streets are so much quieter on weekdays outside of commute times. Yes, I know this is fairly obvious, but it was a real treat to do bike errands with Sprout on his own bike and Coco riding passenger. Having Sprout on his own wheels, on the streets, is a new experience for us. He's about to turn eight, and really wants to ride more.
Miles: 1, date 2/19

Category 3: Coffee or dessert
Trip 1 destination: the coffee bar at Whole Foods
Observed: Is 3 p.m. too late for a split Americano? Turns out, no.
Miles: 1.5, date: 2/17

Category 3: Coffee or dessert
Trip 2 destination: Yogurtland
Observed: Yogurtland has really crappy bike parking. There seems to be a shortage of bike racks all along 45th Street in Seattle, IMO.
Miles: 2, date 2/18

Category 4: Community Meeting

Category 5: Dinner

Category 6: Grocery Store
Trip 1 destination: Whole Foods Roosevelt
Observed: Full bike racks and a beautiful xtracycle Radish -- with chainguard! -- parked out front with a Yepp seat bracket and passenger stoker bars. I've always wondered if they have enough gears to get around Seattle comfortably.
Miles: 3, date: 2/9

Category 6: Grocery Store
Trip 2 destination: Whole Foods Roosevelt
Observed: Scooters and motorbikes still park on the sidewalk, blocking the only covered bike parking, awkward though it is.
Miles: 3, date 2/17


Category 7: Any store that is not the grocery store
Trip 1 destination: Kids on 45th Street consignment store
Observed: We scored a slinky and a Two-Face action figure!
Miles: 1, date 2/19

Category 7: Any store that is not the grocery store
Trip 2 destination: the comic book store
Observed: I couldn't find my keys. Do you panic when you can't find your keys? I do. Coco went into the store with our friend, while I raced home to  locate my keys, which were sticking in the back door. Phew.
Miles: 2.5, date 2/18

Category 8: Personal Care and Health
Trip 1 destination: Martial arts practice
Observed: Sprout biked on his own two wheels on the streets! Why this is significant: I worry (and worry and worry and worry) about how to make it possible for my children to ride safely on our streets. I am frightened for their safety. My older son is about to turn eight and really wants to ride more. So we tried it this day, and it went great! He's stronger and is capable of riding in a straight line and maintaining control of his bike. Also, it was awesomely sunny this day.
Miles: 3, date 2/15

Category 8: Personal Care and Health
Trip 2 destination: Martial arts practice
Observed: The Wallyhood ladybug!
Miles: 3, date 2/19

Category 9: Library
We tried to do a library trip, but SPL's schedule never meshed with ours.

Category 10: To Work
Trip 1 destination: Magnuson Park, Cascade office
Observed: Ran into two women I know commuting with kids on cargo bikes!
Miles: 12 RT, date  2/13/13

Category 10: To Work
Trip 2: Magnuson Park, Cascade office
Observed: Dripping rain on my poncho sounds like I'm inside a tent.
Miles 12 RT, date 2/20/13
After dark trip lighting: Niterider MiNewt 600, a  Cygolite Hotshot rechargeable taillight and a dazzling Monkeylectric

Category 11: Wild Card
Trip 1 destination: Meridian Park
Observed: one kid is light
Miles 1, date 2/18

Category 11: Wild Card
Trip 2 destination: Bartell Drugs
Observed: My reflective stuff really glows. I think. I hope.
Miles .5, date 2/20
After dark trip lighting: Niterider MiNewt 600, a  Cygolite Hotshot rechargeable taillight and a dazzling Monkeylectric

The tally tracked for the Winter Challenge:

  • 50 miles
  • 15 errand trips
  • 8 categories
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