Let's kick off the greenway movement on the Eastside!

Kirkland resident Glen Bluhmann has a vision. He envisions being able to go from his Eastside home to his kids’ school, his favorite coffee shop, the library, that new restaurant he heard about from friends and everywhere else in the Eastside neighborhoods on a complete network of quiet residential streets.

He dreams of safe streets where kids are riding their bikes and playing, families are walking their dogs, and neighbors stop for a quick chat while people in cars ride by slowly, cautious and cognizant of sharing the road with all of these other people.

He envisions this network connected to current and future shared use trails, enabling us all to ride our bikes comfortably and safely to destinations even farther away without ever having to ride in traffic and on a high speed arterial.

Glen is dreaming of neighborhood greenways.

In Seattle there are 20 neighborhood greenway groups who have been working hard over the past 18 months to design and start making their greenway dreams a reality.  Now it’s time for the Eastside to start working on theirs.

Come help Glen, a graduate of Cascade’s Advocacy Leadership Institute, and his fellow visionaries kick off the greenway movement on the Eastside!

On Wednesday, Feb. 20, come learn about greenways and share your dream. Where would you like to be able to walk or bike to?

Attendees will be encouraged to mark up maps of Kirkland and the rest of the Eastside to indicate your favorite neighborhood destinations, existing safe walking and biking routes and dangerous conflict areas.

The City of Seattle is taken its first steps toward creating healthier, safer and connected neighborhoods, now it’s time for the Eastside cities to do the same.  Help Kirkland Greenways work with the City of Kirkland and the other Eastside cities to turn these visions into reality.


What: Kirkland Greenways Kickoff Meeting
When:  Wednesday, Feb 20. 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Where: Houghton Fire Station #22, 6602 108th Ave. NE, Kirkland

Visit their Facebook page for more information.