Inslee calls for innovative transportation package that includes bikes

Jay Inslee was sworn in as Washington's 23rd governor on Wednesday, Jan. 16, and delivered his first speech as governor just a few short hours later.

Inslee, pictured here left, calls for funding for bike routes.

In his inaugural speech, Gov. Inslee was quick to reinforce his commitment to job creation, calling it the state's "top priority today, tomorrow, and every day for the next four years."

"A new world economy is emerging from the depths of this recession, and while its contours and relationships are not fully understood to us, we do know two things,” stated Inslee. “One. With our uniquely powerful fusion of values and talents, Washington state has the potential to lead the next wave of world-changing innovations. Two. The world will not wait for us."

Inslee made specific requests to the Legislature, calling on legislators to help craft a bipartisan, multi-modal transportation package that includes trains, light rail, buses and bicycles.

“To honestly address our infrastructure, we have to recognize that creativity is as important as concrete. I want us to turn our innovative spirit toward crafting a transportation package that includes roads, trains, light rail, buses, bike routes and other modes of transportation,” said Inslee. “We need ways to free capacity for freight and commerce, and rethink how we do the business of transportation in our state and how we use our transportation infrastructure.”

Read Inslee's entire inaugural speech, here.

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Anne-Marije Rook