Calling all crafty people!
Recycled inner tube stamps by @bicitoro

Recycled inner tube stamps by @bicitoro

Are you one of those people who sizes up a pile of "recyclables" and thinks there must be a way to reuse it? Or do you study products in stores and mutter, "I can totally make that!"

Yeah, we know you Instructable, Threadbanger, Lifehacker types. We love and admire you!

And now we want to give you a platform to show that secret special mad-crafter skill you have. You know the one where you break out the utility knife and build fenders out of old campaign signs? Or where you turn plain old jackets into turn-signal apparel? What other secrets haven’t I uncovered?

Toby's Coroplast Panniers & Fenders on Kent's Bike Blog

Toby's Coroplast Panniers & Fenders on Kent's Bike Blog

Come show off your DIY bicycle-related project at the Seattle Bike Expo on March 9 and 10. At the Cascade booth this year, we are hosting people-powered demonstrations of the fun, bike-related stuff you can do at home. In the past, we have learned how to make bracelets out of bike tubes, how to make your own reflective vest, how to make a unique and useful tool kit, and how to scrape out your bike.

If you have some special DIY skill you would like to debut to the bike community, email me with the following information:

  • A description of your project.
  • A picture of your finished product.
  • How long your project will take to demo.

We can't wait to see your crafty ideas!