What's your number?

It’s counting! The bike counter we announced on Bike to Work Day in May has been installed on the Fremont Bridge, and after a delay last week to replace a damaged part, the counter was officially unveiled  on the appropriate date of 10/11/12.

Cascade Bicycle Club, the Seattle Department of Transportation and the Mark & Susan Torrance Foundation were joined by bicyclists of all ages and abilities for the unveiling of the new electronic bicycle counter totem, which is the second in the country!

The totem, installed on the north-west side of the Fremont Bridge, stands over seven feet tall and has a digital display of the number of bicyclists that have crossed the detector on either side of the bridge that day, as well as a graphic indication of the number of cyclists that have crossed since the beginning of the year.

The Fremont Bridge is an ideal location as it carries the most bicycle traffic of any bridge Seattle and Washington.

The new device, called Eco-Totem, will count bicyclists 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So, roll on up to the Seattle's newest bike attraction and get counted!

Also, if you snap a picture of you and your number, share it on the Seattle Bike Counter facebook page.



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Anne-Marije Rook