Announcing Cascade Bicycle Club's 2012 Legislative Scorecard

America was founded on our right to shape our future and if we want a future where everyone has the freedom to safely ride their bicycle, we need to hold our lawmakers accountable for building this future.

The decisions our state legislators make in Olympia help determine if it’s convenient and safe for us to ride and it’s our responsibility to hold them accountable for their decisions.

Cascade Bicycle Club’s 2012 legislative scorecard is your resource to hold your legislators accountable.

It tells the story of how well your state legislators advanced Cascade Bicycle Club’s mission of creating a better community through bicycling during the 2012 legislative sessions.  It provides a quantitative account of how every legislator voted on issues that support making it easier and safer to ride, while providing a qualitative look at the real story behind the scenes.

The scorecard names the House and Senate legislators of the year, recognizes champions who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, and provides honorable mentions to legislators who have demonstrated their commitment to bicycling.  It notes legislators who might not have always voted in support of bicycling, but took steps in the right direction and appear ready to take off their “training wheels”, and calls out “broken chains” who consistently demonstrated opposition to bicycling through their votes and actions.

Want to know how well YOUR Senator and Representatives worked to create a better community through bicycling?

Read Cascade Bicycle Club’s 2012 legislative scorecard.