Psssst... behave yourself this weekend

Obey those stop signs.

On this first weekend of June, loads of people will be out playing on the trails, on foot and on wheels. This is a friendly reminder that you should play it safe. A little bird told me there might financial implications for bad behavior on our regional trails throughout the weekend. To avoid a ticket here are my top tips for trail usage:


  1. Roll, ride and walk right.
  2. When passing, alert the other person with your voice or a bell, slow down and give plenty of space.
  3. Slow down when you are around a lot of other users. I don’t like being passed quickly by cars on the road. I am sure walkers don’t enjoy it when bicyclists pass super fast.
  4. Riding your bike with others is fun, but be polite and ride single file when appropriate.
  5. All users: unplug your ears. If you wear headphones, you will be surprised when that other bicyclist passes you.
  6. If you are walking your dog, keep it close to you on a leash and walk your furry friend on your right.
  7. Stop fully at stop signs.

Ultimately, we are all using these trails together. These rules and tips are meant to keep us all safe. Let’s slow down, smile, wave and make it more fun for everyone.

We know that you are a thoughtful, law-abiding trail user. So you might want to remind your friends who are a little more lax about the rules by sharing this post.