Meet Moises

Moises is a senior at Global Connections High School, and he’s a busy person. “On a scale of one to 10, I’m an eight,” he says.

Even so, he finds time not only to go to the Major Taylor Project club meetings every week, but to help out with the program in any way he can.

Speaking with a wisdom that belies his 17 years, he says, “It’s obvious that the facilitators really care about the program. They don’t spoil you, but they will help you.”

So he wants to help them, too. “We’re always there to help. We want to give back.”

From volunteering at Cascade events to recruiting new program participants, he makes time in his busy schedule to help with the program.

“We don’t have funding, but we have peers. We want other people to see it as important, too, and to help it get stronger,” he says.

He continues, “I’ve learned to be open to opportunities. When people ask you to do something, you’ve got to be willing to embrace it.”

It’s clear that he sees himself in the people who help with the program – leading rides, teaching bike maintenance skills and helping club members get the most out of their experiences.

“The people helping with the program are young, and they’re helpful,” he says. “You can see yourself doing that. It’s important to do community service. I’m not sure whether they’re being paid, but whether or not they’re being paid, what they’re doing is beneficial to the community.”

Moises is going to Western Washington University next year, and he’s bringing his bike with him. “There’s a lot of bikes there,” he says, smiling. “I’m going to cruise around Bellingham looking for a new bike seat.”

He plans major in education, and he credits his experience with Major Taylor, in part, with this decision.

“I want to work in after school programs, college readiness programs, retrieval programs, preschools or elementary schools. As long as I’m helping people, that’s where it’s at.” he says.

You can help youth programs like the Major Taylor Project flourish by riding with us this June 30 on the Red-Bell 100. Funds raised through our first ever pledge ride will be distributed both locally to support Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation’s extensive youth programming, and globally to support the amazing work of World Bicycle Relief in Africa.