Miss Panniers: I feel pretty sweaty #ghcc

Dear Miss Panniers,
How on earth do you manage to bike to work without ruining your attire or appearance? I'm not sure how sweet I'd look after a long, hilly rainy commute on any bike seat.
Daisy Bell, Kirkland

Gentle Seater,

Some commuters prefer to arrange their dress and tresses at home, simply pedaling along in their work attire. While Miss Panniers is pleased to see more suits and skirts on her daily commute, she recognizes that this may not work for everyone.

For carrying your clothes, Miss Panniers recommends wrinkle-resistant materials. For example, knits pack well, but linen does not. Also, roll – rather than fold- the clothes to further minimize wrinkling. Finally, pack the clothes on the top of your bag, so they do not get crushed by heavy items such as a laptop or those overdue library books.

Some bicycle commuters prefer not to transport clothes back and forth at all. Some stage their clothes for the week by bringing them on a driving or busing day. Others maintain an exclusive at-work wardrobe that goes from office to cleaners and back. For example, suits, scrubs and sensible work shoes see little action on the weekend. Ride home unburdened of such things.

Of course, maintaining a workplace wardrobe requires a place to store one’s things. While savvy worksites provide on-site lockers and showers for bicycle commuters, you may need to venture to a nearby healthclub for good facilities. Many locker rooms are equipped with towels, hair dryers and basic toiletries, further lightening your load. If you need or prefer to provide your own towel, Miss Panniers finds that a medium sized camp towel does the job, dries quickly, and transports easily for occasional laundering.

While Miss Panniers herself does not have a locker at her worksite, she does have taste and creativity. Her wardrobe hangs wrinkle-free in a garment bag, while a simple file box contains her favorite work shoes. A well-appointed kit of your favorite  grooming essentials in travel-sized bottles will ensure positive outcomes for hair and makeup.

Miss Panniers wonders how her readers manage to look (and smell) sweet for a day in the  office. Please share your suggestions, gentle readers.