Prepare to launch, contest winners! #ghcc

No, the prize for the Group Health Commute Challenge Video, Photo and Story Contest is not a ride on the Space Shuttle. We are nonetheless delighted to recognize a winner and two honorable mentions for the week, all of whom submitted work on the theme of Prepare to launch: skills and safety.

Our first-place winner is Sean Sheldrake of Ballard, who submitted this photo titled Minivan. It looks like the family is ready to go and well set up for safety, too, with helmets, lights and flags. Congratulations, Sean, and thanks for your entry!

Photo by Sean Sheldrake

Our first honorable mention is this winsome safety haiku from Amy LaZerte, sustainability office assistant at North Seattle Community College:

Silly Green Helmet
Drivers notice me and wink
Safety with smiles

And finally, a blog post titled Fashion Flashback: Cycling Style from the Nordstrom blog, submitted by Jared Pearce and Suzanne Asprea (aka Screamin' Suza) of Nordstrom's team Helmet Hair. The post celebrates women's launch into cycling and freedom, and how that went hand-in-hand with fashion change, with a nod toward safety, too.

Thanks to all of our contributors this week for sharing a slice of your life on two wheels.  And now for next week's theme:

On the road

Videos, artwork and stories due by noon, Wednesday, May 18.