Cascade lands grant for federal transportation work

With major progress locally and a national sea change, it’s time to mobilize Washington. Both Washingtons.

Cascade was recently awarded a grant from The Bullitt Foundation to connect the two—and build the case for healthier, more livable and more bikable communities. The work will focus on building the case and coalition, doing the research and analysis and presenting the findings to our congressional delegation.

The short-term forecast? A ridge of high-pressure building in both the East and the West. Or, more practically, a wide diversity of groups coming together in the coalition, a dramatic spike in both participation and involvement in Cascade’s Bike Business Forum and a congressional delegation that is highly informed and supportive of Washington’s nonmotorized transportation needs.

The long-term outlook?  Mostly biking with a 90% chance of even more bikes. Or, simply put, a transportation system that generously serves those who bike and creates a dramatic and inspiring increase in biking across all levels of society.  Connected, livable, prosperous and healthy communities.

So stay tuned as we ramp up our efforts with Cascade’s Bike Business Forum, coalition partners and our congressional delegation. We don’t control the weather. But the sun sure is shining.