Build a safer Greenwood Ave

Tonight is Night Out Seattle, so maybe you'll be whooping it up on a car-free street with your neighbors as the sun falls over the horizon.

But before kicking back, take a spin through Greenwood. Tonight from 4 - 6 p.m., the Seattle Department of Transportation is holding a project open house at the Greenwood Library about proposed changes on Greenwood Ave. N.

Later this summer, SDOT proposes to:

  • Install a center left turn lane
  • Change the travel lanes to one travel lane in each direction
  • Improve pedestrian crossings on Greenwood Ave N
  • Provide bicycle lanes on both sides of the street

Think your voice doesn't matter to these projects? It does!

We've noticed lately that vocal naysayers are turning out to these meetings, overwhelming reasonable voices like yours. Please walk, bike or ride by and let SDOT know you support the proposed changes that will make Greenwood Avenue a safer place for all users.

If you can't make it tonight, email them your supportive comments as soon as possible. Your voice counts!

Greenwood Ave N Configuration EXISTING

Greenwood Ave N Configuration PROPOSED