Starting down the long road to Portland

A group of 20 of our most ambitious Major Taylor students have begun training for this year's Group Health Seattle to Portland Classic.

On Saturday, June 5 they biked from Seatac and White Center to Ballard to watch the Twilight Criterium. Crossing the West Seattle Bridge and following the waterfront to the Ballard Locks, for some it was the longest ride they've ever been on, and an amazing accomplishment. It also opened their minds to the possibilities of travel by bike. Having previously thought Ballard impossibly far away, more than one rider was amazed that anyone could make it there in an afternoon with just a couple of wheels and their own two feet.

Following this fun day of riding, an even larger group of students came out for Cascade's Flying Wheels Summer Century on June 12. Students rode the 25 and 45 mile loops. Highlights along the way included seeing a man pulling a helicopter out of his lakeside mansion's garage; three bald eagles circling in the air above us; and nearly all of the students successfully and happily completing the ride. Many said this is the most fun they've had a ride, and are pumped coming out of the experience to begin training in earnest for STP.

Over the next three weeks we'll be going on progressively longer rides to get ready for the big day. Destinations so far include Alki Beach, various local colleges, and the Arboretum. Anyone interested in helping with rides can contact me by email or call 206-957-6960.