Cycling, taken to a new level of artistry

I know excitement levels have been high regarding our German guests' appearancethis weekend at Seattle Bicycle Expo -- at least, around the office they have. So I'm here to tell you that the anticipation is not without warrant.

Corrina Hein, Stefan Musu, and Lukas Matla, three world champion artistic cyclists, arrived in Seattle on Monday morning for their first ever trip to the United States.  After a day and a half of harried sightseeing, on Wednesday morning they went to work, if you can call performing for 360 adoring elementary students at John Muir Elementary School work. I, thrillingly enough, was the one enlisted to give a bike safety talk before the performance and introduce the main event, which means that I got a sneak preview into this weekend's shows.

[gallery link="file"]

Yes, it was amazing.

Yes, the kids were jumping out of their seats!

And yes, I am not ashamed to admit that I was just as astonished and delighted by the cyclist's stunts as the students were (three hours later I'm still having trouble wiping the goofy grin off my face.)

All I can say is: don't miss it. Artistic Cycling still has yet to catch on in American sports, but once you see these guys (and gal!) work their magic, you'll want to move to Germany and start balancing on your handle bars. If you weren't at John Muir Elementary this morning, and you don't attend one of the other three schools who are lucky enough to get assemblies in the next couple of days, come check the Artistic Cyclists out at Seattle Bicycle Expo this weekend. You won't be disappointed.

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