Calling South Park cyclists

Do you live, work, or commute in South Park?

As part of a federal grant awarded to the Port of Seattle, the Duwamish Transportation Management Association has asked Cascade Bicycle Club to help document the existing conditions as they relate to bicycling and identify the key priorities for improving bicycling in South Park. Ultimately, this information will help identify, prioritize and address bicycle improvements. Your input on the following questions is valuable to this effort:

  1. If you bicycle in or through South Park, what is your preferred route?
  2. What are the existing conditions and provisions for bicyclists in South Park?
  3. What are your top three recommendations for improving conditions for bicycling in South Park?

Please contact Tessa Greegor with any responses to the above questions. Your input will be used to develop programs and recommendations focused on improving the conditions for bicycling in these communities. More to come with an online survey to solicit additional feedback about bicycling in Southeast Seattle and South Park.

And last but not least, stay tuned for more information about bicycle-oriented events that will be happening in these communities. If you are interested in outreach related to these projects, please contact Serena Lehman.