Bike to School


May is Bike to School Month!

May is National Bike Month, a time for people of all ages across the country to engage in active transportation through cycling. In addition to being enjoyable, bicycling can lead to lifelong healthy habits and kids arrive at school ready to learn!  During Bike to School month, and throughout the year, we encourage all students to begin their school day with a safe and active commute. 

Cascade Bicycle Club hosts friendly Bike to School competitions for elementary, middle and high school students who can track their bike riding during May and earn prizes along the way. 


Bike to School Day is Wednesday, May 6! 


Why Bike to School?   

Biking helps us reduce our carbon footprint, engage with our neighbors and feel energized. We want to foster life-long healthy habits and normalize cycling early in the life stage. Starting the school day with a bike ride will ensure that kids are awake and ready to learn!

2014 Bike to School Month Recap

In 2014 we encouraged students in elementary, middle and highschool to bike with us on Bike to School Day and throughout May during Bike to School Month. We are excited to share tthe following stats:

  • A total of 2,686 students from 39 schools reported biking to school on May 7th, 2014
  • From 56 schools, a total of 1,801 students rode bicycles (and unicycles) for a total of 506,785 minutes- that's over half one million minutes of riding!
  • Schools from 14 districts participated in Bike to School Day and Bike to School Month

Seattle Children's Hospital hosted our Bike to School Awards ceremony during their livable streets celebration. Congratulations to the following prize recipients:

Golden Pedal Awards for Most Minutes Biked (by category):

Elementary | Stevens Elementary | 44,497 minutes

K-8 Category | Salmon Bay | 21,489

Middle School | Eckstein Middle School | 4,035 minutes

High School | Roosevelt High School | 4,085 minutes

Individual awards:

Josh V. | HS student with most minutes

Parker L. | MS student raffle winner (over 240 minutes biked)

Cayleigh S. | Superstar Award

McDonald Intl. | Best newcomer

All students who biked for at least one minute and turned in their Bike to School calendats received a Bike to School Prize. Thank you to the parents, teachers, and students for all your hard work, coordination, and involvement in Bike to School Month!

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