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2015 Cascade Presentation Series

We are very excited to be able to host public events at the new Cascade Bicycling Center starting in January. We will bring back our popular Presentation Series, featuring bicycle travelers, top cycling athletes, coaches and bicycle-related authors. Presentation Series take place regularly on the second Thursday of the month program at the new Cascade Bicycling Center. Presentations range from free to low-cost (and always offer a member discount). Capacity is limited, so get your tickets in advance!

Here's what's coming up:

Monday, June 8

National Parks Conservation Association Presents: Keys to Freeze

The NPCA has generously opened their member event to the Cascade community.  We welcome a group of riders cycling from the Florida Keys to Alaska raising money for the National Parks and raising awareness of their need for protection.  Check out these links to their journey and their story and join the NPCA for an entertaining night.  

More details here.

Gigantic Bicycle Film Series

Cascade is excited to partner with Gigantic Bicycle Festival on their 2015 series of bicycle inspired films. Gigantic will be hosting monthly film showings and art exhibits from May - August at locations around the Pacific Northwest. 

More details here.

If you have any ideas for an act or wish to present yourself, please email Stacey Nakagawa with an outline of the topic and the suggested dates.


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