Bike to School

What is Bike to School Month?   

May is national bike month, a time for people of all ages across the country to engage in active transportation through cycling. In addition to being enjoyable, bicycling can lead to lifelong healthy habits and kids arrive at school ready to learn!  During Bike to School month, and throughout the year, we encourage all students to begin their school day with a safe and active commute. 

Cascade Bicycle Club hosts friendly Bike to School competitions for elementary, middle and high school students who can track the number of minutes they bike commute during the month and earn prizes along the way. 

In 2013, 3600 elementary school students (and their parents) from 34 schools in the Seattle area participated in Bike to School Month! In middle schools and high schools, 373 students biked a total of 1979.2 miles. Let’s keep the momentum going in 2014!

Why bike to school? 

Biking helps us reduce our carbon footprint, engage with our neighbors and feel energized. We want to foster a life-long healthy habits and normalize cycling early in the life stage. Starting the school day with a bike ride will ensure that kids are awake and ready to learn!