A Salute to Lamar Bass

A member since 1988, Lamar Bass has been a fixture at Cascade Bicycle Club for many years.  He has been an avid rider, a mentor, Cascade Advocacy Committee member,  a ride leader, a major donor and an irreplaceable super volunteer.

Anyone who has visited or called the Cascade office in the past 13 years has probably met him, as he would regularly put in 60-70-hour weeks.

Sadly, after all these years, Lamar decided it was time for him to go.  

Our staff, members and volunteers will miss him greatly.

Below are a few memories , Thank You’s and the things we’ll miss from staff and board:

"Lamar was an incredible resource to me and to Cascade. He gave selflessly during his long history of volunteerism.  Among many other things, I miss his willingness to show me AGAIN which key opened which door at Cascade." - Elizabeth Kiker, Executive Director

“Lamar has been a mentor, ride leader, coach, CTS and Rides Committee leader and friend for many years. He was our ride leader on CTS when we first started riding 12 years ago and then became a coach and mentor as we moved into leadership positions on the Rides Committee and then took over CTS from him.  As a board member, I always go to him for the latest happenings in the club.  His contributions to Cascade are immense and I will miss seeing him at the front desk.” - The Voltas

“I've always appreciated Lamar's kind and generous smile greeting everyone who arrived at the club, as well as his enthusiasm and deep love for -- and commitment to -- the club and its work. We are indebted to him for his long-time service and example. Thank you, Lamar! We will miss you!” - George Durham, Board of Directors

 “Being new to the region, having Lamar's brain to pick when it came to commuting tips and route advice was incredibly helpful for me. I miss his eagerness to discuss bike things as well as his compliments to me on my outfits." - Leah Pistorius, Communications Specialist

I started just about every day at Cascade by saying, "Good Morning" to Lamar. The days where I did not start that way were weird, to say the least! Additionally, he would stop by our bank occasionally. When I stopped by the bank this week, all the tellers were disappointed they did not see Lamar and they wanted me to say, "We miss you!" to Lamar,” - Alan van Vlack, Database and Accounting Coordinator

“Lamar was a tremendous help when I worked at Cascade this summer.  For my first two weeks I sat in the lobby, and Lamar went out of his way to introduce me to everyone passing through the office.  This was quite a commitment because many, many  people pass through the office, and Lamar knows almost everyone.  Well done, Lamar.” - Joe Platzner, Board of Directors

“I loved starting my day at the office with a chat with Lamar. We’d talk about all sorts of things though mostly bike racing and rides. On Mondays, he always wanted a recap of my races, and shared his own riding stories,  training routes and tips.  He was a wealth of information, and perhaps our most loyal blog reader. I miss him dearly.” – Anne-Marije Rook, Communications Manager

You were someone I could count on to pay attention to the small things that keep an organization  running smoothly.  Because of you, deliveries magically appearing in my cube, and he knew all obscure routes to anywhere. I will miss our many early weekend meetings to close off the parking lot for family biking--you truly made my world easier, as did all of the little things I didn't even realize you were doing. You were highly prized and I miss you dearly. I wish you well in this new chapter of your life.” - Robin Randels, Classes Coordinator

"Lamar, You will always be my 3G man:
Greeter: As the voice and face of Cascade you represented all of us to members, volunteers and the public.
Guide: You shared your ideas on ways to improve club operations and responded to every "Ask Lamar" question I sent your way!
Giver: You gave tremendously of your time, talent and treasure.
​Thank you for all the ways you have helped create a better community through bicycling. We miss you more than you know." - Kathy McCabe, Senior Director of Membership and Engagement

 “Lamar, the man who made me the "DIY splint of the year" (according to the UW Med Center) out of office supplies after my bicycle crash.  Although I refused to believe it, you were right all along, I had a broken wrist.  Can't thank you enough for all of the time you spent taking care of this office and the people working in it,” - Emily Kathrein, Field Programs Manager

“One of Lamar's first self-appointed tasks when starting to volunteer at the office was cleaning out and organizing the huge jumble that was our storage area.  It took him about six months, working a few hours a week. This shows his talent for organization and his dedication.” -Julie Salathe,  Education Director.

“I learned to ride long distances with Lamar as he led the STP Cascade Training Series I was on. Indeed, I rode my first century with Lamar, from the club to Flaming Geyser park and back. Lamar, thank you for all you have done for the club over the years.” - Daniel Weise, Board of Directors

Although Lamar could appear a little rough around the edges, he was a sucker for hugs. He will always have a special place in my heart for his very kind nature beneath it all.: - Serena Lehman, Community Outreach Manager

"Lamar's smile was the perfect welcoming into the office every day. I will miss his unsurpassed knowledge of all things Cascade!"   -Matt Metcalf, AmeriCorps Intern

Anne-Marije Rook
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