Middle and High Schools

All May long: the Bike to School Challenge!

The Bike to School Challenge is great for new riders, providing the support and incentive to make the transition to regular bike commuting smooth, easy, and fun!  Experienced cyclists often relish the competition that comes with tracking biking minutes and the chance to convince classmates to ride.  By riding your bike, you are reducing the amount of CO2 that you put in our air, improving your health, and arrive at school awake and ready to learn!  Plan your route ahead of time if you've never done it before. You can organize a group of friends to ride to school together and compete for cool prizes. Most importantly, ride and have fun!

Check back in Spring 2015 for more information about the 2015 Bike to School Challenge!


  • Grand prize: The high school student with the most minutes biked during the month of May will win the grand prize--a registration for you and one adult to the sold-out Seattle to Portland bike ride on July 12 and 13!
  • Weekly drawings: All registered middle and high school students logging their minutes will be entered into weekly drawings for prizes like U-locks for their bikes, t-shirts, bike helmets, or an Ortlieb messenger bag.  

  • Free t-shirt: Students that commute more than 240 minutes to school during of the month of May will receive one of our cool long-sleeve bike month t-shirts!

  • Golden Pedal award: If your middle or high school logs more trips than any other, the extremely prestigious and spectacular Golden Pedal Trophy will be awarded for your achievement! There is an award for elementary, middle, K-8, and high schools, so make sure to ride every day and get your friends on bikes too!  Winners will be announced at the Bike to School awards ceremony at the Seattle Children's Hospital Bike Month Wrap-up celebration.


Middle and high school students will register on our Bike to School website when it becomes available in the Spring of 2015, reporting your number of minutes biked every week to school or around your neighborhood. Middle school students need to register with a parent’s email address. Students who choose to compete will create a user name (not their full name) to protect your privacy. We will only use your email address to keep you informed about the challenge, to send you updates and reminders, or other relevant information.

At the end of the month, we will tally the numbers, announce winners and award prizes!  Interested in tracking your miles too?  This online tool will help.

With your help, we look forward to exceeding one million minutes in motion this year!

Frequently Asked Questions

It's mid-May and the Bike to School Challenge is already in full swing; can I still participate?  Of course!  Register any time during the month and be eligible for prizes.  

What if I bus or carpool? Can I still participate? For some, combining the bike with other modes of transportation is the best way to work in a bike ride.  Ride your bike to the bus stop and put your bike on the bus to and from school.  

I feel unsafe riding my bike to school because I would have to cross many busy streets, but I love riding my bike.  Can I still participate?   We understand.  Safety comes first.  Ride your bike to soccer practice, to the library, or to a friend's house on streets where you feel more comfortable and can get to your destination safely.  All of these minutes spent biking count toward your monthly total!

How are the minutes I report authenticated?  We trust you to report the accurate number of minutes biked for the week.  You will feel proud of your accomplishments knowing that the numbers reflect your effort!  

May 6: Bike to School Day

If you are new to riding, join thousands of kids across the nation and ride on Bike to School Day on Wednesday, May 6, 2015.