Become a ride leader

Becoming a ride leader

Ride leaders are the heart and soul of our rides program. Our 280+ ride leaders keep the calendar filled throughout the year, and you are invited to join the ranks. If you have an idea for a new ride, are interested in helping others ride or don't see your favorite ride listed, consider joining our leaders' team.

Ride leader certification

Cascade members who want to be new ride leaders must attend a "ride leader certification" class, held at the office at throughout the year. Check the calendar for the next scheduled training. Questions? Email ride leader certification coordinator for answers to other questions.

To become a ride leader candidate you must:

  • Be a Cascade Bicycle Club member in good standing
  • Have cycled a minimum of five group rides (not major rides such as STP and Chilly Hilly)
  • Be familiar with the ride leader candidate evaluation form and understand what is expected
  • Contact ride leader mentor and request to co-lead ahead of time to confirm that the ride is suitable for co-lead credit
  • Discuss the ride details with ride leader mentor

Day of ride

  • Arrive 20 minutes or more before the ride. You may decide to pre-ride or drive an unfamiliar route
  • Bring and give the evaluation form to mentor before the ride
  • Carry pen/pencil, incident form and witness form
  • Be prepared with necessities to change own flat
  • Circulate waiver, check legibility, count riders
  • Check helmets and assist in adjusting if necessary
  • Give ride introduction/safety briefing, using Ride SMART card
  • Be familiar with the route
  • Lead at least a quarter of the ride effectively
  • Sweep at least a quarter of the ride effectively
  • Exhibit safe riding skills and follow the rules of therRoad
  • Keep the advertised pace
  • Interact with the riders in a friendly and professional manner
  • Reflect positively on Cascade Bicycle Club
  • Be prepared to handle any incidents/accidents safely

After reviewing the information from all sources the Ride Leader candidate will be informed of certification or provided with recommendations for further training

Rides library

The Cascade office maintains a library of route books and maps as well as maps and cue sheets from some Cascade rides. We also hope to be putting sample routes and maps online. Ride leaders can visit the library during weekdays (9-5pm).

Rides awards and incentives

Ride leaders are recognized for their essential services in an annual listing in the Cascade Courier, at the annual volunteer recognition party, and by awards and incentives that vary from year to year. The current first award is a "ride leader" jersey. Ride leaders can pick up the jerseys after they have led six rides and promise to lead six more over the next year. Only two rides per month count toward the award tally. In addition to the awards, there is an incentives program (details available elsewhere to leaders) to encourage listing of rides. Ride leaders also meet quarterly for an all-expenses-paid dinner.

Rides committee

Rides committee meetings are held at the beginning of the month at the Cascade office. Meetings are open to anyone. Contact the rides committee chair if you have a particular item that your would like to be placed on the meeting agenda.