Board of Directors

Board seeks your approval on bylaws changes

Proposed bylaws changes

The changes proposed are needed to implement the restructuring of the Club discussed with the membership earlier this year.

Thanks to you and your efforts, Cascade has grown tremendously in the past decade. We are overdue in aligning our structure with our increased reach, membership and programs. Our purpose and intent with the restructuring and proposed bylaws changes are to make Cascade Bicycle Club more inclusive, more efficient, more powerful and better able to serve the community.

Furthermore, these changes will make it much simpler to run the organization.

You may remember that when these upcoming improvements to our articles of incorporation and bylaws were first proposed in March, there was a strong voice from members to make sure we preserved (and even grew) our political capital. Many members voiced that Cascade has built a strong role for itself in the region, and the proposed bylaws changes will preserve our political capital.

Our belief is that, having gone 45 years with very little change and strong organic growth, it is time to plan for the future with a more stable and flexible framework that lets members and staff continue what they do best: improving lives through bicycling.

As you can see, the activities of the Club will remain largely unchanged, with the key difference being the move of candidate endorsements and political advocacy work into a separate organization from the other key programs of Cascade. We have restructured the C4 to continue Cascade’s existing legacy of strong political work with a reliable source of funding. If the proposed merger with Washington Bikes is successful, the C4 is well positionedas an influencer of transportation and related public policy and wanted to see those gains safeguarded for the future.

The Board agrees that retaining our ability to do political work is important, and we will do that under the existing C4 organization. The Board recommends that most of the activities of the Club are served by a C3 charitable organization. Therefore, we are realigning the programs of the Club under our existing C3 and C4 organizations to achieve these goals. 

Cascade Bicycle Club's PROPOSED Bylaws

 Cascade Bikes (fka Cascade Bicycle Club) - Amended and Restated Bylaws.pdf

Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation PROPOSED Bylaws

 Cascade Bicycle Club - (fka Cascade Bicycle Club Foundation) - Bylaws.pdf

To vote 

Electronic voting will be available to all Cascade members in December. Please join the Board in voting your support for proposed bylaws changes and new Directors. As in years past, voting will be available online and accessible with your Cascade login. Board candidates will be announced in November’s Courier and online.

If you have questions or comments, please email or attend one of two upcoming membership meetings.

Bylaws changes FAQs

What is a c3 and c4?

A c3 can do advocacy but not endorsements, a c4 can do endorsements but not receive tax-deductible donations. Both have lots more details (click here to learn more from the IRS), but our members spoke and said it was really important that we keep both types of organizations!

Why would Seattle to Portland (STP) fall under the c4?

The mission of the c4 would be to encourage biking across the region, and STP is a very effective tool for doing that — and a strong and effective funding stream for the c4.

Am I part of the c3 or the c4?

We hope all of our members are active in both! The c4 will run the Commute Challenge and STP, as well as doing local and regional political endorsements. If you participate in any of this, you are part of the c4! The c3 will be the membership, all the other events, all of our education, outreach and the Major Taylor program — and we hope all of you support and are part of this!

What does it mean to me as a member?

Being a member of the c3 or the c4 means you support the work we are doing, and you want to Improve Lives through Bicycling. Because you will now be a paid member of a c3 public charity, your dues are tax deductible. The bylaws of the c3 have been rewritten to carry through all of the rights of membership that you had in the c4. If your name is on the c4 list, which is what will constitute 'membership' in the c4, you will also be participating in STP, the Commute Challenge or the conversation around which politicians are supporting bicycling!

Board positions:

President Catherine Hennings email Catherine
Vice President Daniel Weise email Daniel
Treasurer Alexa Volwiler email Alexa
Secretary George Durham email George
Director Nate Glissmeyer email Nate
Director Sandi Navarro email Sandi
Director Joe Platzner email Joe
Director Merlin Rainwater email Merlin
Director at large Charles Ruthford email Charles
Director Jim Stanton email Jim
Director Don Volta email Don
Director Haley Woods email Haley
Director Ed Yoshida email Ed

Meet the board


Wheels: A hand-built Erickson with lightning bolt lugs that is truly a work of art, found second-hand on Craig's list, and Catherine’s ride for speed and fun. A trusty Specialized with upright handlebars and full fenders for about town and the daily commute.

Rides: Catherine’s daily commute takes her from NE Seattle to South Lake Union via Eastlake or over the north end of Capitol Hill. She tries to get in at least one long ride every weekend, either an organized ride or a casual date with friends. Her favorite Cascade ride so far has been RSVP. This summer, she and her husband have a goal of riding the entire length of the first US Bicycle Route (USBR 10) in the state of Washington, which is on track to be finalized and certified in 2014.   

About:  As a Cascade Bicycle Club member, volunteer, and community advocate, Catherine is passionate about making our community a safe, fun place for bicycling. Five years ago, she started commuting to work by bike with the help of a Cascade program to encourage individuals to become regular bicycle commuters. Now she uses her bicycle as a primary form of transportation, whether biking to work, running errands by bike, or biking for fun and exercise. She and her husband even have a bike trailer that they call their “San Juan-mobile” for weekend trips to the islands on bikes. 

The tragic death of one of Catherine’s PATH coworkers as he was bicycling home from work in South Lake Union that was a real call-to-action to get more involved in advocating for bicycle safety.  Catherine participated in the first Advocacy Leadership Institute offered by Cascade and has been instrumental in bringing together a group of large employers in South Lake Union to advocate for programs and infrastructure that will increase safety for bicycling. She is currently working with Seattle Greenways to form the Lake Union Greenways group.     

Despite the fact that the Puget Sound region still has a long way to go to make bicycling easy and safe, Catherine loves that every day she shares the road with more cyclists. She believes there is a tremendous opportunity now to increase public support for bicycling and is excited to work with Cascade to help fulfill its vision of creating a community where everyone bicycles.  


Daniel Weise, Vice President

Wheels: Rodriguez S3 Steel Bike, Rodriquez "Willie Weir" UTB bike, 1979 Trek 520 Touring Bike.

Rides: Variations on the "7 Hills of Kirkland" route for short rides, and longer rides to Duvall, Monroe, Snohomish, Everett, etc. He prefers cycling the more rural roads to the more urban roads. The century Flying Wheels route is one of his local favorites. He also likes the endorphins that result from a good climb.

About Daniel: Dr. Daniel Weise is a recovering academic computer scientist, though he relapses frequently to keep up with the general scientific literature, mostly Science and Nature. While a professor in the Computer Systems Lab at Stanford, he did the usual academic things like writing papers, serving on program committees, and coercing doctoral students into finishing their degrees. He came to Seattle in 1992 to build and lead a research group on programming tools at Microsoft. He left Microsoft in 2004 to follow his interests in genetics, biology and evolution. Unfortunately, Dr. Weise's scientific training left him susceptible to deeply understanding the physics of climate change and dynamical systems, as well as how the process of science itself requires that the actual threat of catastrophic and sudden climate change be understated. So he is now a climate hawk, joining the board of Climate Solutions and otherwise spreading the word about catastrophic climate change. Bicycling itself emits no fossil carbon, and it takes far, far less energy to build a bicycle than build a car.

Daniel would like to see the club become more balanced as it grows. The club needs to continue and build upon its work on advocacy to improve cycling for everyone, but at the same time needs to invest more in its riding programs to make them stronger and increase their reach. The club's education programs are equally important. Advocacy is important because it changes laws to work better on behalf of cyclists and allocates public resources to building shared and dedicated infrastructure for making cycling safer and more appealing to a much broader swath of potential riders. Riding programs, such as Daily Rides and the supported event rides, provide social and cultural motivations and glue for people get on their bikes. It is much easier and faster to ramp riding programs than it is to build infrastructure to make cycling safer. The club must balance all approaches to increasing cycling and to make cycling a viable transportation option.


Alexa Volwiler, Treasurer

Wheels: Alexa has two bikes–a Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL4 and a Lynskey Titanium Sportive Disc. The Tarmac is reserved for fast summer rides while her Lynskey is a great all-around bike.

Favorite rides: Alexa does a lot of recreational riding as well as commuting. She's very active in Cascade’s Free Group Rides program as a Ride Leader, Rides Committee member and tour leader. Alexa says she participates in one-two tours a year and many of Cascade’s event rides (all her vacation days are spent bicycling). A couple of her favorite ride destinations are Walla Walla and the Cascades. She enjoys meeting new riders and bicycle enthusiasts.

About Alexa: Alexa grew up on the Sammamish Plateau when it was still rural. She’s also lived in Sammamish, Bellevue, Mercer Island and finally settled in Redmond with her husband Wilfried Mack (also a Cascade Ride Leader).

Alexa’s professional background is in accounting. She is currently the Director of Corporate Accounting for a reputable local commercial real estate company – Unico Properties. Alexa says most of her life is spent either working or on the bike. She also has horses, cats and chickens at home which keep her busy. She loves the outdoors and will do anything to ride her bike or horse whenever possible. Alexa and her husband tour and lead rides together. She says they both enjoy the experience of seeing the world by bike.

Vision: Alexa’s vision aligns with Cascade’s–to get more people on bikes riding for pleasure, transportation and enjoyment. Bicycling is sustainable and has an enormous social and psychological benefit. In her tenure, Alexa hopes to get many more people engaged in bicycling and to support Cascade in its mission. She hopes to one day see much more bicycle infrastructure connectivity and people out riding for fun because they feel safe doing so.


George Durham, Secretary

Wheels: Kogswell Model D for the daily commute and longer recreational rides; Trek 950 Xtracycle conversion for hauling kiddos, groceries and other cargo; a too-infrequently-used Klein Attitude Comp mountain bike; and a Prisa Cycling TF-2 Special Edition carbon fiber speedster for faster rides.

Rides: On a typical day, George commutes approximately five miles from Ballard to South Lake Union. He loves riding with his family and friends. A self-described "utilitarian cyclist," the bike is what generally gets George from point A to point B. He is a regular on Cascade's Flying Wheels Summer Century, the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic and the occasional RSVP (Seattle to Vancouver). Personal goal: self-contained trans-America tour. With the kids.

About George: George is an experienced marketing and communications professional with deep experience in corporate social responsibility, global communications, and technology product marketing. He currently provides consulting and advisory services on communications and marketing strategy for commercial and nonprofit organizations. He has overseen marketing for digital consumer products at, created the corporate communications and community engagement functions for a publicly traded specialty financial services company, and helped manage community engagement and global Technology for Good programs at Microsoft. He has previous experience leading marketing, business management, and product launches for major technology products. He also has experience leading two Seattle-area non-profit volunteer organizations.

George brings perspective, experience, and stability to the board and has worked hard to strengthen the organization's membership, outreach, and community leadership. He is a strong believer in Cascade's mission and the club's work in advocacy, education and recreation. He appreciates that Cascade provides so many opportunities to cyclists of all stripes: from kids to families to regular commuters to competitive cyclists, he knows the club is a tremendous resource in Seattle, the region and the country.

Joe platzner, director

Wheels: 650b Platzner randonneur with fenders, lights and bags. Pegoretti Marcello when the sun is out plus a garage full of random steel.

Favorite ride: You mean you have to pick?

About Joe: From April to September 2013 Joe served as the Interim Executive Director of Cascade.

Joe is a former aerospace executive who focused on strategy and marketing. He has a master’s in transportation planning from Cornell University. Prior to his tenure as interim executive director at Cascade, Joe was active on the executive committees of the boards of both the Bicycle Alliance of Washington and Cascade. Joe has great optimism for the future of cycling in Puget Sound with Elizabeth's leadership of the capable, enthusiastic Cascade team.

Joe plans to once again be an active member of the Seattle International Randonneurs. He likes to do silly rides like the nighttime 200K winter solstice ride. Joe enjoys coffeeneuring with his daughter who gets a kid’s hot chocolate. Allegedly, Joe has raced a ‘cross race or two with team Soft Like Kitten, which wins, hands-down, the best jersey contest. He also enjoys rides like Group Health STP and RSVP with his more mainstream friends. Joe lives in Bellevue with his wife, Anne, and his daughter, Elizabeth.

merlin rainwater, director

About Merlin: I’ve enjoyed biking for transportation most of my life.  As a retired nurse, I see riding a bike as the cornerstone to my personal well-being, and as the answer to most of the world’s problems.

I first joined Cascade as a bike-to-work Team Captain. At the time I was the only person biking to work at my office, and I was pleased and surprised when five co-workers joined me.  Both those who chose to ride on my team, and those who declined had similar questions and concerns:  “I don’t know how to find a safe route to ride!”  “I’m scared to ride in traffic!”   “What about the hills, and the rain?”  I had easy suggestions for the rain (right gear) and the hills (right gears), and I thought it should also be easy to help my co-workers plan good routes. After all,  I’ve been riding my bike all over Seattle for years!  Looking at the streets through my co-workers eyes however, the disappearing bike lanes, sharrows leading riders into heavy traffic, and complete gaps in mapped bike routes jumped out at me.  I became an even stronger advocate for biking, walking and transit.  When I retired last year from my career as a hospice nurse, I redoubled my commitment to making Seattle “a better community through bicycling!”

Soon after I retired, I had the privilege of participating in Cascade’s first Advocacy Leadership Institute.  With the support of Cascade’s advocacy staff and friends in Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, I initiated a project called Safe Routes to Health, calling on Seattle’s healthcare institutions to be champions for safe streets where people of all ages and abilities can enjoy biking, walking or traveling in wheelchairs.  I  recently became a ride leader and initiated a series of S.L.O.W. Rides for Senior Ladies* On Wheels (*all riders of all ages welcome, as long as you ride S.L.O.W!), in order to provide more opportunities for hesitant riders to discover the joys of bicycle riding.

Vision: As a member of Cascade’s board, my goals are to

  • be a strong voice for my friends who would like to ride bikes but are deterred by unsafe and confusing conditions in our communities
  • insure that Cascade is a welcoming club that reflects King County’s full range of diversity
  • expand efforts that encourage people to begin to ride bikes, including the Major Taylor Project, Family Riding events and classes, and school-based events such as bike rodeos and Bike to School efforts
  • expand “easy” and “leisurely” ride offerings for beginning bicyclists, families and older adults
  • advocate for a transportation system that integrates biking with walking and transit to create vibrant, sustainable communities.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

AnchorCHARLES RUTHFORD, director

Wheels: Surly Cross-Check, Trek Tandem. He loves that chromoly steel.

Rides: Locally, Charles enjoys riding the backroads and trails of southeast King County on the tandem with his wife or on his single when riding with his sons. Regionally, Charles and his family ride together and volunteer for Ride Around Washington (RAW), STP, Chilly Hilly, RSVP, High Pass Challenge and RAMROD. His most memorable bike trip was the 2009 RAW from La Conner across the North Cascades Highway to Kettle Falls. He serves on the RAW organizing committee as Route Director and Master of Ceremonies.

About Charles: Charles is an avid, skilled and safety-conscious cyclist who sees cycling as a pathway to good health, collaborative interactions with family and neighbors and an improved community. He believes rider safety and the integration of bicycling into communities is first and foremost the responsibility of cyclists. He is an active rider and he serves the needs of riders through education, participation, and advocacy.

Charles has had a diverse career in engineering, manufacturing, sales, information technology, human resources, ethics and compliance, and leadership and organizational development. His undergraduate education is in mathematics and science with a master’s degree in management. He is able to translate and apply his business knowledge and skills in the non-profit environment. He firmly believes that passionate people choosing to collaborate and serve for the common good can make the changes in our society that are beneficial and long-lasting.

His position on the Cascade Board is his first official board assignment. In the past, he has assisted the Special Olympics of Washington and the Friend of the Cedar River Watershed organizations with board development and strategic planning support.


Jim Stanton, director

Jim Stanton

Wheels: A workhorse 2001 Lemond Zurich with fenders and lots of lights for wet, winter rides. In dry conditions, a Specialized Roubaix – also with lots of lights.

Rides: Commutes to and from Seattle. regular weekend rides, and group rides such as the Group Health STP, RSVP (Seattle to Vancouver), HPC (High Pass Challenge), Fall Colors and RAMROD. He is also a happy member of Gang Green during Bike to Work month.

About Jim: Jim is a long-time entrepreneur focused on developing or fostering the development of early stage companies in Asia and the US. He has served on the boards of private companies as well as several non-profit boards, most recent was Water1st International, where he was also the Treasurer. Jim has been a member of the Cascade Bicycle Club Finance Committee for several years.

Jim’s special interest is safety for the most vulnerable on our roads: cyclists and pedestrians. His experience raising three bicycling sons coupled with witnessing several bicycling accidents have reinforced his interest in making our roads safer. He has actively helped staff road counts, put on Bicycle Rodeos, and participated in safe bicycling educational events at local schools. Six years ago he and a group of fellow concerned cyclists formed “Neighbors in Motion,” a community that advocates for improved facilities and courteous, safe behavior on Mercer Island roads. To this end NIM has organized community meetings on road safety and worked with the City on a range of cycling issues. Jim believes that cyclists benefit by demonstrating the courtesy and safe behaviors we expect from motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists.

Jim’s interest in serious cycling and Cascade was sparked by riding the 1996 STP on mountain bikes along with his 12-year old son. That experience led to joining a regular cycling group (Buty Riders) which in turn opened up a whole new world of cycling adventures in the Pacific Northwest, Europe, and Alaska.

DON VOLTA, Director

Wheels: Calfees - Dragonfly; Tetra; and a Tetra with S&S couplers

Rides: Don and his wife, Jane, lead about 25 Cascade daily rides a year and participate in many more. They are regular riders of Cascade events and other local rides when they are not away on cycling trips.

About Don: Don is a Seattle U graduate with a BS in Business. He received an ROTC commission and served in the Army for 25 years. Along the way, he received an MBA from UW and graduated from the US Army War College. After he retired from the Army, Don worked for General Motors in their Defense business units, retired again after 10 years and then returned home to the Seattle area in 1997.

Don started riding after retirement and joined Cascade in 2001. After becoming a Ride Leader in 2003 and finding satisfaction in helping other riders, Don joined the Daily Rides Committee as a way to give back even more to the club. He has served in several positions on the Rides Committee, including Chair, and has managed the Cascade Training Series (CTS) for several years. Don has been on the Cascade Board since 2010 and has served as Secretary, Vice President and Treasurer.

Don and Jane have a special interest in cycling programs for kids and are committed to expanding the Basics of Bicycling program to underserved schools.

As an avid road bike rider who rides for fun, fitness and friendship and with a long involvement in Cascade's Rides and Events, Don's focus on the Board is to ensure that Cascade continues to grow as the preeminent promoter of cycling events and daily rides in the Pacific Northwest. Rides and Events provides the membership base, funding, new volunteers and other resources needed to sustain and grow our Advocacy, Education and Transportation initiatives essential to building a better community through cycling.

Ed yoshida, director

Wheels: A Kona Dr Dew for commuting and a Davidson titanium for recreational road rides.Ed Yoshida

Rides: Ed bike commutes regularly from his home near Sea-Tac Airport to his office in the South Lake Union area in Seattle. He has ridden most of the Cascade-sponsored rides such as the Chilly Hilly, Flying Wheels, STP, RSVP and the inaugural Red-Bell 100 last year. His favorite ride is any ride that leaves from his house and lets him ride his bike.

About Ed: Ed started riding seriously in the mid-70s after college. He dabbled in racing but didn’t have the lungs, legs or desire to pursue that endeavor. Ed commuted by bike regularly during law school since he had sold his car to be able to afford going to school. His first long ride was a self-supported tour from Astoria to San Francisco in 1982. Then in 1990, Ed and his wife, Marcy, embarked on an around the world bike tour during which they rode about 5,000 miles. Vocationally, he is a lawyer with PATH, a nonprofit organization that works on global health. As a member of the Cascade board, he is very interested in getting more people on bikes, both for recreation and transportation. Ed advocates for a transportation infrastructure that will allow everyone to ride or walk safely throughout the Puget Sound area in order to develop a livable, sustainable, urban environment.

Next Board meeting

Wednesday, Nov. 18, 5-8 p.m. 
Cascade Bicycling Center
7787 62nd Ave. NE Seattle WA 98115

Board meetings are all open to the public. 

Board Committees (chair):

Executive (Catherine Hennings)
Compliance (Charles Ruthford)
Development (Joe Platzner)
Finance (Alexa Volwiler)
Governance (Daniel Weise)