We're excited to present to you our five-year strategic plan. With this plan and your support, we will improve lives through bicycling throughout the Puget Sound region. Download here.

Cascade Bicycle Club, a non-profit organization based in Seattle, Washington, serves more than 16,000 members and the Puget Sound bicycling community. Our mission is to improve lives through bicycling. Cascade is operated by a 12-member volunteer Board of Directors, 38 professional staff, two AmeriCorps members, and thousands of volunteers.

A club newsletter, the Cascade Courier, including the rides calendar, is published monthly and distributed free to all members. (You can pick up a copy of the Courier at the club office).

Major events

Cascade hosts several major events every year including; Chilly Hilly, Bike Expo, Flying Wheels, Group Health Seattle to Portland (STP), Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party (RSVP1), RSVP2Ride Around Washington (RAW), High Pass Challenge (HPC), and Kitsap Color Classic (KCC). Starting in 2012, Cascade hosts the first Red-Bell 100.

Rides and tours

Cascade volunteer ride leaders lead more than 2,000 Free Daily Rides a year. The club also leads Regional Club Tours and Cascade-Affiliated International Tours. Cascade rides are open to anyone wearing a helmet.

Political advocacy

In addition to producing material for the public on cycling the Cascade Bicycle Club lobbies local government on behalf of cyclists. From 2009-2011 the club successfully lobbied for a law to increase penalties for negligent drivers who injured or killed vulnerable users of the road, including bicyclists and pedestrians. The club found that under state law, drivers were fined as low as $42. A version of the Vulnerable User Bill passed in 2011 with wide bipartisan support. The bill increased mandatory fines, but allowed the fines to be reduced by a judge, who could proscribe driver safety education and community service.

Read our 2015 Legislative Agenda, here. 

Education Foundation

The Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation (CBCEF), established as a 501c(3) charitable organization in 2001, provides education programs and consulting services in the interest of creating a better community through bicycling.

The Education Foundation educates elected officials and agencies about building bicycle-friendly communities, teaches safe cycling to kids and adults, promotes bicycle commuting through individual and corporate programs, reviews transportation plans to ensure that our cycling voice is heard and works with schools on fitness programs and Safe Routes to Schools. Programs and materials are free or low-cost. The Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation organizes adult classes, youth camps, rodeos, festivals and bicycle activities in Seattle.

The Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation is registered with Washington's Secretary of State.

Mission, Vision and Goals

Cascade Bicycle Club's bylaws detail the various rules and procedures that govern the Board of Directors and the organization as a whole.

As contained in the Cascade Bicycle Club's  2011 Strategic Plan Executive Summary, the board reaffirms Cascade's commitment to its vision while updating its mission statement and goals:

Mission: Creating a Better Community Through Bicycling

Vision: Cascade Bicycle Club envisions a community that bicycles – an inclusive, diverse and accepting community where people of all ages and backgrounds bicycle to work, to get around, and for fun and for health, and where bicycling brings people and neighborhoods together. Bicycling will be convenient and safe, connected by a world- class bicycling infrastructure and widely recognized and appreciated as an important contributor to a healthy and fun life and a prosperous and livable community.


  1. Engagement: To get more people of all communities, backgrounds and ages to cycle regularly and safely for transportation, fitness, recreation and daily activities. 
  2. Community Partnership: To cultivate a community of bicyclists and non-bicyclists who respect each other on the road and trail and a broad-based coalition that supports bicycling as part of a larger vision of healthy, sustainable, and connected living.
  3. Infrastructure: To significantly expand and improve infrastructure that facilitates safe and convenient cycling.
  4. Presence: To increase the visibility of the Cascade Bicycle Club to reach a broader audience.


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