Youth Programs Manager

Rachel Osias

Wheels: High speeds riding: Felt ZW95, lovingly named "Suede." Still researching and saving moolah to find a groovy commuter companion bike!

Commute: 20 miles roundtrip from a galaxy far far away... 

Rachel was born and raised in the long-grassed, oak covered hills of California's San Francisco East Bay Area. She grew up playing and learning in the hidden worlds of local parks, neighbor's yards and within her own imagination. Her bike, "Big Red," was often along for the adventures and the causation of numerous acts of mischief. 

Rachel's professional and educational background has been an intentional interweaving of environmental sciences, educational equity, social and environmental justice, and experiential education. She has a passion for communities where teaching, learning and the pursuit of educational equity are derived from challenging systemic norms and embracing the identities, experiences and stories of all individuals.

When she's not "knee deep in the hoopla," Rachel can be found exploring Seattle with her partner Renee. As her Seattle bucket list does her smile.