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Gosh, I started cycling in 2011 with a new (very heavy) bike and participated in my first organized ride. It was so exciting!!! Then in 2012 I rode my bike (a different one) across Germany (566 miles, by myself, no tour group!). When I got home to Seattle I ditched the heavy bike in favor of something lighter and faster. In 2013 I did the CTS in preparation for the STP. --So I guess I'm officially hooked!!!!! Now I'm a (new) Cascade ride leader and am looking forward to more challenges in 2014. (GR2R, CTS, Flying Wheels, STP, RSVP, etc.)

Why you joined:

I joined for the love of bicycling, challenging myself, and meeting great new friends along the way. (I have not been disappointed!!!)

Bike skill level: Intermediate
Bicycling Interests: Recreational road riding, Commuting and transportation, Multi-day touring
Bike Model:

2013 Specialized Sirrus Pro

Bike Model 2: