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Freelance book editor, Ballard native, now living in Edmonds after detours through New England and the Olympic Peninsula. Did most of my "serious" riding in the Boston area with Charles River Wheelmen in the early 1990s and served on its board. In the early 1980s, I am fairly certain I was a member of Cascade for while, but I was not active with the club in those days. Instead, on my trusty green Rodriguez (bought used! later lost to a thief in Massachusetts), I bike-commuted, cruised around town, and did rides with friends (the tug-bikers!). I was a member of the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board and, for a time, co-chair (with Angel R); bike/politics were much quieter then (1980 or 1981). I conducted the initial interview, on behalf of the board, with Peter Lagerwey, for the job of Seattle Engineering Dept. Bike/Ped guy, which he held through many years of Seattle bike-excitingness. Now, I mostly just wanna ride.

Why you joined:

Back on the bike after a long hiatus, and looking forward to getting to know the roads around the Salish Sea after a couple of decades away!

Bike skill level: Intermediate
Bicycling Interests: Recreational road riding, Multi-day touring
Bike Model and Model:

2013 Specialized Secteur

Bike Make and Model 2:

2013 Specialized Crosstrail