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Shannon hails from Michigan's Upper Peninsula where she learned how to ride her one-speed bike on loose, pointy gravel, leading to some spectacular wipeouts. Before joining the Education department at Cascade, Shannon spent several years working at UW Study Abroad, where she managed student mobility to most of the developing world and led groups of UW students to Brazil and Ecuador and taught classes on cross-cultural understanding.

After buying her first bike as an adult in 2010, Shannon quickly transformed into a year-round bike commuter. Her family soon followed suit and they became a one-car household with the entire family involved in active transportation. Shannon wanted to share her love of cycling with other families, so she became involved in fostering a vibrant bike culture at Loyal Heights Elementary and created an after-school Urban Cycling Club. She was also involved in creating Ballard Bikes, a multi-school neighborhood collaboration designed to promote year-round active transportation to schools. She has coached in 7 seasons for Girls on the Run.

Shannon's superpowers include being able to re-fold maps and running fast in flip-flops, but the one that she is most proud of is her Stomach of Iron, developed from years of eating sketchy street food worldwide. She once took 4th place in a company picnic horseshoe tournament, a testament to her rural upbringing.

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have found a place in an organization that I admire, creating programs that promote childhood wellness, youth leadership development, environmental stewardship, and community building," she said.

Why you joined:

As a mom on a bike, I initially joined Cascade Bicycle Club because of all of the important advocacy and education work that they do to enable me and my family to ride our bikes safely on our neighborhood streets. Now as an employee of Cascade, I see the wide ranging impact that all of our activities have on our community. We are truly improving lives through bicycling!

Bike skill level: Advanced
Bicycling Interests: Commuting and transportation
Bike Model and Model:

Kona Jake Cyclocross

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