Federico Enriquez, Jr.

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Why you joined:

I believe cycling is a natural and good way to both get around and exercise without having to go out of your way to maintain a healthy life style. It gets you out of the house and the best part of doing so is, you get to meet with like minded people. Some of which will become good friends. On a personal level, I like and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors. The personal gratification of physically reaching a goal like; riding 100 miles, reaching a speed of 15 to 25, maintain a speed of 18 - 20 to Portland, riding 800 miles in one month and climbing a total of 40,000 to 50,000 feet in one month cumulative. Its like I am still a teenager out exploring the world. That is what cycling is to me.

Bike skill level: Advanced
Bicycling Interests: Recreational road riding, Commuting and transportation
Bike Model and Model:

Focus Cayo, Fuji Altamira

Bike Make and Model 2:

Fuji Track single speed duo rear hub (fixed/ free spin)