Julie Salathe

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Julie has been education director since July 2000. Bicycle commuting, riding on a tandem with her husband Eric, and riding bikes with daughters, Antonia and Helena are her favorite kinds of bicycling. She also enjoys cycle touring. Julie moved to Seattle from the East Coast in 1995 and learned Seattle roads and routes on Cascade rides. Before coming to work for Cascade, she taught history of art at Pacific Lutheran U and Cornish College of the Arts. She also enjoys hiking, gardening, and outdoor activities. - See more at: http://www.cascade.org/education-director#sthash.H4wAfFIb.dpuf

Why you joined:

What better club to join if you like bikes? Cascade does great work in the community and provides amazing rides!

Bike skill level: Advanced
Bicycling Interests: Recreational road riding, Commuting and transportation, Mountain biking, Family biking, Multi-day touring
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Bike Make and Model 2:

Bilenky tandem