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I came to Earth on Flag Day 1952. My Navy father was from Canton, Ohio. My double native mother was born and raised in Port gamble to a Tshimsian father and Finish mother! I rode my first bicycle at the age of 6 in England. Bicycling gave way to motorcycling in high school. In 1995 I was done with motorcycles and started commuting a 12 mile round trip on a Fuji S-12S. In 1998, at the Kitsap Color Classic, I joined the Cascade Bicycle Club! In 1999 I rode my first STP. In 2005 I rode my first STP as a funding event for Seattle Children's Hospital! In 2006 I rode my first "one day" STP. Once you do a one day you don't do it in two again. With great support from the Volunteers and Staff at Seattle Childrens Hospitals Bargain Boutiques (have you been to the Bargain Boutiques? Why not?) I have raised $83,000.00 in the past four years! $144,000.00 over eleven years, thanks to family, friends and fellow Ride Leaders!!!
I became a ride leader in 2006 and a Cascade Training Series ride leader in 2008! The rides I lead are centuries.

Why you joined:

I joined CBC because I saw that it could help my bicycling. I never dreamed of being a ride leader and did not know those activities went on.
CBC has made me the bicyclist I am today!

Bike skill level: Advanced
Bicycling Interests: Recreational road riding, Commuting and transportation, Multi-day touring
Bike Model and Model:

Campagnolo dressed 1972 Schwinn Continental

Bike Make and Model 2:

March 6 1962 Schwinn Continental