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Born and raised on a small cherry orchard in Prosser (in the Yakima Valley) with four siblings, as a kid bicycling provided Brock the freedom to ride into town to visit parks and friends whenever he wanted. But with fast cars and loose gravel, Brock saw that big improvements needed to be made so more people could be safe and feel comfortable riding a bike.

After breaking his leg in college, Brock bought a road bike to start exercising sooner and quickly fell in love with 50-80 mile rides through the Palouse Hills of Eastern Washington. After graduating with a J.D. from the Vermont Law School, Brock served as interim legal director for Futurewise in 2008, state policy advocate for Environment Oregon from 2008-10, and King County Program Director for Futurewise from 2011-13.

Beyond his passion for better communities through transportation and land use decisions, Brock tries to find time to run, bike, hike, and drink microbrews. Most mornings you can find him sipping a doppio at his neighborhood coffee shop. While riding a bicycle, Brock's comfortable in Lycra but prefers wearing a suit.

Wheels: Linus Gaston 5
Commute: 5-7 miles from Maple Leaf
Favorite Ride: The Palouse Hills

Why you joined:
Bike skill level: Intermediate
Bicycling Interests: Recreational road riding, Commuting and transportation
Bike Model and Model:

Linus Gaston 5

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